Sharing with you

Hey friends,

I’m starting this blog because I feel like God has been sharing some pretty awesome stuff with me lately and I want to share it with you! He’s been challenging me daily to live an authentic, Christ-filled life, where everything I do is based on my love for Jesus. I’m not sure how frequent my posts will be, but I plan on making them short and easy to read.

The best way to follow this blog is either by subscribing via RSS feed, or the email subscription on the right. That way you can keep up on everything, and not waste time checking in on the site if there haven’t been any new posts.

I look forward to sharing, and challenging us all to draw nearer to God through these posts!

God Bless,

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One Response to Sharing with you

  1. Nanny and PaPa says:

    We are looking forward to reading your blog when they become advailable.
    Love PaPa!!

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