Message: The Gospel

What an amazing privilege and honor it is to speak about God and proclaim his goodness! Here’s the message I gave on June 1st, 2011 to our high school youth group. The audio along with message notes are contained in this PDF file.

001 – The Gospel – 6-1-11

The audio from the message is embedded in the PDF document. There’s also many scriptures in the notes that weren’t used in this presentation because of time constraints.

The video used in the message was “The Gospel” by Ellerslie Mission Society.

As always, test everything against the Bible. If I’m not in accordance with the Scriptures then I’m wrong, not God. Hopefully this message blesses you as much as it was a blessing for me to prepare it.

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2 Responses to Message: The Gospel

  1. May K says:

    Hi Kramer!
    I just wanted to tell you that I love this outline for the Gospel. I wish I could hear the audio, but for some reason or another I’m not able to on my computer. I trust that our Lord is working in your high schoolers- also that He is lifting Himself high through you and using your mouth to speak His words!

    • Thanks May! The outline isn’t finished, but that’s how much I was able to do before I had to speak. I tried to let Jesus do the speaking instead of me, so a number of the verses where from Jesus explaining things in the gospels. If you download the latest version of Adobe Reader, then it should work; but I’ll probably be posting an MP3 on my website sometime soon. (WordPress wouldn’t allow me to post an MP3 file)

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