The Praise of Non-Christians

I saw a trailer the other day for a “Christian” movie. Although I had previously watched the film, I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was that didn’t seem right. However when i saw this trailer for the movie, the problem became evident. In the trailer they held a screening of the movie at one of the nations least religious colleges. When the movie was over it was receiving such high praise from these non-Christians…….. they loved it!! Does anybody else see a problem with this? Instead of demonstrating the love of Christ that moves people to a place of brokenness and repentance, it basically came along side these people and said, “it’s alright, I know “Christians” haven’t necessarily treated you the best, but we accept you.”

I want to point a few things out.
#1. I think you need to be very careful when you begin to apologize for Christians as a whole. A more accurate apology may be apologizing for all the goats that call themselves sheep and run the name of Christ into the ground.
#2. Christ working through the lives of believers will result in us loving our neighbor as ourselves, but it will also involve us loving our neighbors enough to tell them the truth… That truth, (being proclaimed in love) means we tell them the truth of the gospel and bring into reality that continuing in our natural sinful ways will send us to Hell.
#3. The way to interact with non-believers is not to make them feel comfortable and accepted just the way they are! Not to be judgmental, but rather to love as Christ loved, to humble ourselves and live a life that glorifies God, all the while proclaiming the truth of scripture!

As with most things, I think there were some good points in the movie, but the overall message I believe is a misrepresentation of some great scriptures.

If you need to watch the trailer to make sense of this blog, here it is.

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2 Responses to The Praise of Non-Christians

  1. Ali says:

    On this same topic I am reading a book by John Piper and Justin Taylor called “The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World”. I think the church as a whole is getting into some deep and scary waters when we are willing to abandon the truth of the Gospel and say that everyone has their own way to God rather than us being fallen and God reaching down to save us in HIS way. I do think it is sad how some people bear the name of Jesus and shame it by living a life that is not what Jesus taught, and we can all learn to be more loving and reach out to the world – but not with a message of universalism but a message of sacrificial love of our Savior.

  2. Agreed, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’ll put that book on my list of books to look into. 🙂

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