Another Ellerslie Send Off

As each semester comes to a close at a special place called Ellerslie, there comes a point where each person is “sent off” by the remaining individuals on campus, with a prayer and many hugs/tears. Although it’s heart wrenching, tear jerking, and an ending to this particular chapter in our lives. We get a glimpse of something very beautiful. It’s hard to put into words the special heavenly bond between individuals that happens here at Ellerslie. Somewhere along the way, between the early mornings of prayer, the meal conversations, the worship, the teaching, the activities, the community outreach, and so many other things that make Ellerslie special. There’s a tight bond created unlike what I’ve witnessed anywhere else.

At this point you may be wondering why I’m blogging about this, and it’s because Christ is the glue that holds us so close together. In a nutshell, Christ is what makes Ellerslie special, and Christ is what makes these friendships so amazing. It isn’t simply activities that give us strong friendships, but rather the mutual all-consuming love of our savior Jesus Christ.

This round of “send offs” I only knew these students for a few short days, and yet I felt some of the tightest bonds I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t even finish saying goodbye to one of the guys here. Even if we only met a few days earlier, the goodbye was one of the toughest ones I’ve had to face.

So I want to testify and praise the name of Jesus, for one day we will be reunited with these students who are following the Lord. But it won’t be a reunion focused on us, rather, it will be completely focused on Christ. And that’s what bound us so close together in the first place—a mutual love for our Savior.

What a wonderful gift it is to have fellowship with other believers as Christ binds us together. Going forward I want to encourage you to be the kind of person that points others towards Christ at every turn. May you encourage and be encouraged as you fellowship with other believers in your life.

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One Response to Another Ellerslie Send Off

  1. Nanny says:

    Loved your blog, Krame. Those of us who know the Lord, truly do often share a bond with other Christians that is a joy beyond human understanding. Those who don’t know the Lord and his spirit within us have missed out on so much. I’m thankful for the close Christian friends you have made and for the ones you will make! All part of God’s perfect plan! Love, Nanny

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