The Fall of Man and The Wrath of God

Like a roaring avalanche on the side of a mountain crushing everything beneath, was the result of the fall of man. When Adam and Eve first trespassed God’s command and ate the fruit from the forbidden tree. All of creation was now subjected to the curse of sin. Nothing went unaffected from that one choice, earth and heaven alike have borne the weight that this fall caused.

In the beginning, Adam and Eve were in a perfect loving union with God. Life was good, but just as water and oil don’t mix, a holy God and sin don’t mix. Suddenly when sin was invited into the world through the bite of forbidden fruit, the world and God were set at enmity with each other. All of creation was now condemned to fall under the terrible wrath of God.

Some may argue that God is a God of love, and therefore, He cannot hate. As 1 John 4:16 says, “God is love.” But it’s critical to understand that if you love one thing, you must hate whatever is the inverse of the thing you love. For example, you can’t love babies and love abortion. You will either love one or the other, but you can’t love both. It’s the same with God, He is holy and loves that which is good and perfect, therefore, God also hates that which is ugly and sinful.

Now we can understand that God by His very nature hates sin, and consequently the world is under His judgment and wrath. Being under the wrath of God is a horrible problem for humanity; we can’t even comprehend the terrible might of God’s anger kindled against a wicked people.

At this point the argument might be, “but I’m a good person.” This may be true in a human sense compared to all those around you. But when you compare any individual against the holiness of God, our righteousnesses suddenly look like filthy rags. Simply stated, it’s impossible for us to make ourselves right in the sight of God, and in all truthfulness, we deserve the wrath of God.

Now you realize this grim situation, the impossibilities of escape, and the natural disposition you’re in. You’re beginning to see the wrath of God that is stored up for you and the total destruction it holds.

But wait, haven’t you heard? There was one who took the wrath of God upon himself in your place. That’s right, he, though being perfect and without blemish offered himself as the full payment for all your sins. Now your debt has been paid in full, all that’s left is to give your life to the one who gave his life for you. Undoubtedly with tears in your eyes you ask, “Who? Who is it that took my place? I will give him my all, I owe him my life.” My humble reply is, Jesus Christ, the one and only son of God, took your punishment. Now believe on Him and surrender your life to Christ, for He is worthy of all praise.

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