The Believer’s Call to Obey

For the believer in Christ Jesus the way lies clear, it’s a way of unquestioned obedience to our Lord and Savior. The result from obeying is not in our hands, we are simply called to believe and obey.

If I’m preparing to speak on a topic, I always look to pray over the message, study well, and remain open to God’s leading. It’s important that I follow the outline for life set forth in God’s word, for how can I expect God’s blessing if I’m living in defiance of what He’s so plainly set forth. Jesus Christ must be the center of my life, and Jesus Christ must be the center of my message. When it comes time to actually present the message that has been worked on, it’s not up to me to muster up a response from the hearers. My sole responsibility is to obey the leading of God.

Although I want to deliver messages that people will like, it means absolutely nothing unless God is pleased with what was presented. If I water down the truth and throw in some excuses for the flesh to make it more appealing to people, I may end up with an audience that’s enthusiastic about what I just presented. But unless God was pleased with the message, it would be a complete waste.

What I’m getting at is this; we are called to believe and obey, what happens as a result of that is in God’s hands. We must realize that or we’ll burn ourselves out trying to believe, obey, and then (on top of that) look to muster up the results we think should happen. We have a God we can trust, and we must have faith that He will see things through as they should be.

Every area in our lives must be an area of obedience, such as family, finances, relationships, ministries, jobs,  health, parenting, schooling, free time, and many more. When we uncompromisingly obey, we’ve done our part; and now we must trust and have faith that our great majestic and loving God will do what’s best, for the glory due His name.

So relax, results aren’t up to you, simply trust in Christ, walk in His ways, and let Him do His great finishing work in every situation.

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One Response to The Believer’s Call to Obey

  1. Kelsey says:

    That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking about since coming to France! Very well put!

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