Movie Review: Courageous

This is a very rare thing that you’ll here me reviewing a movie and even recommending it, but when a movie carries such a powerful message as “Courageous” does, it needs to be shared.

The message “Courageous” brings, is a message primarily to fathers and men of faith to rise up and be strong to lead their families. It calls men to not settle for mediocrity when God calls them to so much more than simply providing for the families financial needs. The movie touches on many different scenarios for fathers and delivers a powerful message with a great mix of action, humor, and serious moments. It’s no easy task to try and make a full length movie with a great message, while retaining the audiences attention. But over two hours after the movie had started, I found myself wishing it went on longer. This is one of my favorite movies, for the fact that it brings a great (much needed) message, and leaves you challenged to pursue the life God has designed for His people. I would highly recommend you seeing this movie while it’s still in theaters!

May God raise up courageous men and women who will stand for His truth and the importance of family.

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One Response to Movie Review: Courageous

  1. Nanny says:

    Krame, thank you for your review and strong recommendation of the new movie – “Courageoous”. The movies from the Sherwood Church seem to get better and better. We look forward to seeing the movie and buying it when it comes out on dvd. We hope it plays at The Clyde! Love, Nanny

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