Continual Growth In Christ

As I’ve pondered what to write this week, I’ve finally decided on a very simple question.

Are you continuing to grow in Christ?

You see, it’s extremely easy to be pleased with how much you’ve grown in the past, and where you are today compared to where you were five years ago. But this is where we can begin to become complacent, we get comfortable with our daily routine, and we walk through each day without much growth in Christ.

Growth in Christ is not constrained to your age or circumstances, following Christ is for anyone who is willing to surrender their lives for Him. Fifty years from now, if I’m given the gift of a long life, it’ll be critical that I’m still growing in Christ. We must be pushing ever harder and further for Jesus. It’s truly an endless frontier for the glory of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.

It’s a privilege to hide away and spend time with the creator of the universe. The question is, will you follow relentlessly after Christ, growing ever closer to Him?

Do not stop, for those who are in Christ; Jesus is your rest (Matthew 11:28), Jesus is your strength (Psalm 28:7), Jesus is your fortress (Psalm 71:3). Jesus Christ is worthy to be pursued with every ounce of your existence. We must not draw back, but rather push forth for the glory due His name!

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One Response to Continual Growth In Christ

  1. Nanny says:

    Loved your blog, Krame. Such true words from a young adult! As a person who has been blessed with a pretty “long” life, I know what you say to be true. I find that the longer I walk with my Lord Jesus Christ, the more I desire to “rest” in Him and trust Him. We are never to stop growing or pursuing God’s Will! Love, Nanny

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