Message: Stopping The Pendulum of Extremes

There is a pendulum that has been effecting Christianity, it’s the pendulum of Extremes. We often take the radical message of Jesus Christ and take it to a human extreme. Where decades ago there was the extreme of “works”, where there was an unhealthy emphasis on doing the right thing and appearing right on the outside. Contrast that with today’s extreme message of radical acceptance of anything and everything. We have a problem, as a church we cannot swing from one extreme to the other, we must remain unmovable on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. There’s a call to be radical, but it’s a call to die to ourselves so that we can be alive in Christ.

Jesus is the one and only answer to stopping the pendulum of extremes. In this devotional given at Ellerslie Mission Society, listen as you go deeper into this topic of extremes and catch a vision for what we must do to stop this out of control swing.

Date: November 1st, 2011
Subject: “Extreme Swings in Christianity”
Approximate Runtime: 21 Minutes
Message: 003 – Devotional -Stopping The Pendulum of Extremes
Message Notes: 003 – Stopping The Pendulum of Extremes – Notes

For God and His glory!

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