Glory to God in All of Life

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
– 1 Corinthians 10:31

Is God simply wanting us to surrender our big decisions to Him, or is there more to the Christians life in bringing glory to God? Many times we look at the big things in our lives such as our career or family, and think that is what God’s after in our lives. It can be easy to overlook the small things in life and miss the significance it can hold in glorifying God with our lives.

For example, the way you take care of your home is an avenue that can bring glory to God. Simple things like making your bed and doing the dishes with excellence showcases attributes of God such as decency, honor, and respect for those around you.

Eating may also be done to the glorification of God by being appreciative and respectful in your manner. This can be an area where you can showcase great self-control and moderation, as you don’t over indulge on your appetite. You may also go the extra mile and not eat (or cook) a certain kind of food when you know that another person at your table is trying to cut back or eat healthier.

Everyday conversations can lift high the name of Christ or discount it, simply by the manner in which you treat others through your words. Even if the name “Jesus, or God” isn’t explicitly stated, you can still be an avenue in which Christ shines through.

Although these are seemingly small areas of life, know that we as Christians are called to do ALL to the glory of God. We aren’t here for us, we’re here for Christ, and this attitude of  surrender in every little (and big) thing in our life must be for the glory of God. Take some time today and prayerfully come before God with your life, surrendering the small and the big alike unto Him for His glorification. May He receive the glory that is due His name! You never know who will take notice of the little things you do (or don’t do), but one thing must remain, even if no person notices what you do, this must remain an offering of your life before the Lord. We don’t do this for the applause of others, but for the glory of God. May you be richly blessed as you press further towards Christ in every area of life!

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