Message: Merely Preferable?

For centuries Christians held the Bible in high esteem and feared (in a healthy way) the Holy Scriptures. Every little fragment of the word of God was preserved down to the finest detail for perfect accuracy. This mindset was far more common in previous generations, but in recent times things have changed. Jump forward in time to our present postmodern world, and you have a general disregard for Scripture among the majority of people. In most circles today, the Bible is simply a great book of suggestions from God to live the best life possible. But these circles would never dare to say that the Scriptures have divine right to rule and control your life. Here lies the big question of this devotional… are the commands laid forth in Scripture merely something God prefers? Or are they here to direct and rule our lives?

What you believe regarding the answer to this question changes your life dramatically. If the Scriptures are simply something God prefers, then you have the right to pick and choose what listen to. However, if the Scriptures have authority to rule your life, then no matter what you come in contact with in your study, you must bring your life into alignment with the word of God.

Date: March 13th, 2012
Subject: The Bible’s Authority
Approximate Runtime: 23 Minutes
Message: Merely Preferable? – Morning Devotional 3-13-12

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