Hi, my name is Kramer,

I’m writing this blog to proclaim truth boldly for Jesus Christ. It’s my hope that through these blog posts, audio messages, book reviews, and any other content posted, that you would draw closer to Christ. This blog isn’t meant to be a constant stream of information, but rather a simple yet powerful post here and there to jumpstart your walk with God, and challenge you to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before in your faith. I expect that some of the posts will go directly against what is taught in many churches today, but before you throw up any red flags, I challenge you to test these posts against the word of God. I’m convinced that the majority of people are believing things that they’ve never actually considered checking to see if they’re accurate in accordance with Scripture. So, with all that said, I hope to proclaim truth, but I also hope you’ll test it against the Bible just to be sure.

Thanks for reading, and may God draw you ever nearer into his presence!



2 Responses to About

  1. ashrita2099 says:

    Kramer? You blog? You could have… I don’t know… told me! I’ll be following this for sure!

    • I’m working on my blog consistency. I’m trying to do one post a week, and since I haven’t done a lot, I really haven’t told many people about it. Glad to have you following it!

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