Book Reviews

Books can be a treasure-trove of information and knowledge. However, not everything is worth reading. So here I’ll be working on posting the list of books that I’ve been reading and what I think of them. Hopefully you find it helpful and edifying!

2012 Book List

(1) What He Must Be – Voddie Baucham Jr. (5/5)
A wonderfully challenging book that outlines the expectations that God has for men. Great book!

(2) The Bravehearted Gospel – Eric Ludy (4/5)
This book reintroduces the manly stuff back into Christianity and boldly proclaims what few authors would ever want to pen. Great book for exposing sly lies and proclaiming bold truth.

(3) Except Ye Repent – H.A. Ironside (3/5)
Pretty good book on a very important subject. H.A. Ironside isn’t quite as quotable as Tozer or Ravenhill, but it was still a good book to read.

(4) The Root of the Righteous – A.W. Tozer (4/5)
A good book on focusing on the root of Christianity—Jesus Christ.  Tozer points out that as generations progress, the focus tends to shift from the focus being on Jesus, to the focus being on outward actions.

2011 Book List

(1) The Art of Non-Conformity – Chris Guillebeau (4/5)
[Great book for living an un-conventional life, not simply doing things because everyone else is doing it, but actually thinking about your decisions and striving for more than mediocrity.]

(2) Rees Howels : Intercessor – Norman Grubb (3/5)
[I’m not a huge fan of biographies, but I have learned some good things from this book]

(3) God’s Pursuit of Man – A.W. Tozer (5/5)
[This is in my top 5 favorite books, very challenging.]

(4) Why Revival Tarries – Leonard Ravenhill (5/5)
[Another great book, opened my eyes to the great need for prayer.]

(5) The Christian In Complete Armour Vol. 1 – William Gurnall (4/5)
[Informative and thought-provoking, a good book to grow in your walk with Christ]

(6) The One Life Solution – Dr. Henry Cloud (3/5)
[An okay book for business, nothing revolutionary]

(7) Humility – Andrew Murray (4/5)
[Very good book on humility, one I would like to read again in the future.]

(8) Fearless – Max Lucado (3/5)
[This book left a lot to be desired. There were a couple chapters that I really liked, but overall I felt he spent too much time talking on fear, and not enough time talking about the greatness of our God, and why we have no need to be fearful when we are in Christ.]

(9) America Is Too Young To Die – Leonard Ravenhill (4/5)
[The church of today needs an awakening to what’s going on within the church and throughout the world. This was a very good book in my opinion. addressing that issue.]

(10) The Cross and the Switchblade – David Wilkerson (4/5)
[I really enjoyed this book, a great story of following and trusting where God leads. Challenging, insightful, and faith-building,  come to mind when describing this book.]

(11) Meet Mr. Smith – Eric & Leslie Ludy (4/5)
This book was pretty good, I especially liked the Q&A in the back in the book that Leslie wrote. Eric and Leslie both are inspiring and their writing is very positive when it comes to living out your faith in every aspect of life!

(12) The Necessity of Prayer – E.M. Bounds (4/5)
A really great book on prayer, I would certainly recommend it for any Christian looking to grow in their walk with God.

(13) Whatever Happened To Worship? – A.W. Tozer (4/5)
Another good book from Tozer, certainly has some good things about the importance of getting back to true worship.

(14) Why Pro-Life? – Randy Alcorn (3/5)
This was a good book for anyone wanting to be better informed on the abortion issue. He presents very good reasons for all his arguments.

(15) Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret – Dr. & Mrs. Howard Taylor (5/5)
An excellent book on Hudson Taylor. Very inspiring to read about a man that took God at His promises and had faith that He’d come through!

(16) A Testament of Devotion – Thomas R. Kelley (3/5)
This book had good content, but I was hoping for more.

(17) Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis (4/5)
I enjoyed this book, some examples were a little bit different, but overall I liked it.

(18) The Saving Life of Christ – Major W. Ian Thomas (5/5)
One of the best books I’ve ever read, buy it today and begin diving into the amazing truths that are presented in this book. I 100% recommend this book!

(19) Authentic Beauty – Leslie Ludy (4/5)
This book wasn’t written for men, but it was certainly good. I would definitely recommend it for any young woman who wants to learn how to practically live a life of true beauty.

(20) The Chocolate Soldier – C. T.  Studd (5/5)
A soul stirring, challenging quick read that I would definitely recommend.  C.T. Studd says it straight forward and challenges you to be a real soldier for Christ!

2010 Book List

(1) Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey (4/5)
[Great for learning solid money-management principles, but I disagree with some of his ideas about how faith and money go together. Take it for what it is, a great book on money-management, however, don’t use it to govern your faith, you’ll be loving money more than God.]

(2) UnCommon – Tony Dungy (3/5)
[Some great chapters, but also some boring chapters. The book in my opinion is aimed at too broad an audience and therefore isn’t targeted and useful enough.]

(3) Still Growing – Kirk Cameron (3/5)
[Not a huge fan of biographies, but this had some funny stories. An okay read.]

(4) Do Hard Things – Alex & Brett Harris (4/5)
[A great book for challenging teens (and adults), great stories and ideas for what we should be expecting out of kids and teens. Definitely recommend.]

(5) Tribes – Seth Godin (4/5)
[Very good business book on building a business that people can be excited about.]

(6) Purple Cow – Seth Godin (3/5)
[An okay business book on creating products/service that are different.]

(7) Thou Shall Prosper – Rabbi Daniel Lapin (4/5)
[Good book on the relationship between working and money. Maybe a bit heavy on it’s emphasis with money and faith. But I still got some good stuff out of it.]

(8) In Search of Balance – Richard A. Swenson, MD (3/5)
[An okay book on having balance in your life. Not the greatest, but still some useful stuff.]

(9) The Book of Romance – Tommy Nelson (4/5)
[Enjoyed this book on the Song of Solomon, it certainly doesn’t portray the complete picture given in the book. But still had some very good stuff to learn from.]

(10) Crazy Love – Francis Chan (5/5)
[This book was life changing for me. It got me searching for the truth of the Bible more than ever before, and helped in opening my eyes to the seriousness of what the Bible says. I definitely recommend this book.]

(11) when God writes your love story – Eric & Leslie Ludy (5/5)
[The best book I’ve read on relationships. Very encouraging and informative.]

(12) Unleashing Courageous Faith – Paul Coughlin (3/5)

(13) Emotionally Healthy Spirituality – Peter Scazzero (4/5)

Short reviews to come in the future!


2 Responses to Book Reviews

  1. NRJohnson says:

    Thanks for posting these! Always looking for great book reviews. I’ve ready many of them; found a few I am going to add to my list. Miss and praying for you!

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